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About us (Company Profile)

RMG is a diversified company specialising in Carpentry and Construction. We have added numerous jobs to our credit including the construction of luxury homes, modern duplexes and oversized luxury townhouses, giving us superior expertise in the industry. At RMG we have continued developing in our specialties due to our constant commitment to the provision of exceptional services. We only employ skilled trades and employees who share the company's commitment to quality.

Our Carpentry division specialises in conventional wall and roof framing and pre-fabricated frames and trusses. We have also completed an abundant number of pergolas, decks, first floor additions, extensions and minor and major renovations.

Across our broad specialties, our principles remain the same, we are determined to meet our customer's needs at all times, regardless of the size or complexity of the job. Our determination and endeavours to meet our customer's needs has rewarded us with a high level of repeat clientele and many referrals. By focusing on appropriate planning and promoting successful teamwork, we are able to provide quality results within the set timeframes and cost objectives.

Business Policies

Occupational Health and Safety (OH & S)

At RMG, our objective is to provide consistently high standards of health and safety, and sequentially enhancing skills, performance and commitment from all those involved in each job. Our OH & S Inductions on each job make certain that all the employees and trades comprehend the safety rules and practice their

Our main aims include:

  • Ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations
  • Confirm that standard procedures are put in place to reduce safety hazards and risks.
  • Train every employee and trade about safety through onsite OH&S Induction.
  • Provide appropriate equipment and support to employees and trades to ensure safety.
  • Urge all employees and trades to follow instructions to prevent accidents in the workplace.

Environmental Policy

At RMG, the environment plays and integral part in the practices and procedures that we undertake. We always comply with relevant environmental regulations to ensure our work does not in any way harm the environment.

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